Face Painting and Henna for Peace Day!

Yesterday, our lead face painter, Cynnamon, offered face painting at the Academy of Arts Middle School in San Francisco, Ca in celebration of “Peace Day”. Face painting at middle school in San Francisco, Ca Cynnamon was offering her face painting to the teenagers attending the middle school alongside a very talented henna artist named Julia, who is now a part of our Bay Area Party Entertainment team. The teenagers seemed to be weary of getting their faces painted, wondering if it was “cool” enough, until they stood behind Cynnamon, watching her paint designs in awe. One of the girls burst out, “Oh wow, this isn’t like any other face painting I’ve ever seen, she knows what she’s doing”. It’s easy for the older kids and adults to want to get in on the face-painting-fun when the artist does beautiful work!

After the event, Cynnamon received this amazing 5-star review from the client that booked her for the event. Briana said:

“Cynnamon was fantastic for our event- she is super warm and friendly and the work she does is beautiful. This event was for high school youth and they were thrilled with the designs, but I have seen her at events with younger folks as well as adults and everyone always walk away happy. Thank you!”

Cynnamon is a face painter based in El Cerrito, Ca and Julia is a henna artist based in Alameda, Ca so together they can service all of the East Bay, extending to the surrounding cities in the San Francisco Bay area including but not limited to Oakland, Ca, Piedmont, Ca, Berkeley, Ca, Orinda, Ca, Richmond, Ca, Albany, Ca, San Francisco, Ca and more!

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Strategies for Face Painting Toddlers

Yesterday I (Cynnamon) did face painting for the children at a holiday Christmas party held at the beautiful Elks Lodge in San Francisco, Ca. It was a great event geared toward children with a real-life Santa Claus, Christmas elves, coloring, snacks and face painting!

tiger-face-painting-by-cynnamon-at-elks-lodge-in-sfThe little girl pictured on the left, was a toddler between the age of 1-2 years old and she knew immediately that she wanted to be a tiger. Now normally when children are especially excited about becoming their favorite animal or character through face painting,they are on their perfect behavior and sit very still for me to paint their faces, but sometimes it’s just hard for them because they don’t quite understand yet. This particular little girl kept moving her face, so after asking her very nicely to “try to be still so that I didn’t mess up her awesome tiger face” and asking wasn’t working, I tried a different approach. I started telling her (in my very kind child voice) exactly what I was doing and why with positive reinforcements. I would say, “okay we’re almost done, you’re doing a great job of sitting still. I’m painting your adorable tiger ear, and now I’m doing your tiger stripes, and now I’m doing your cute black nose…” I walked her through the entire thing going as quickly as I could, continually reminding her of what a great job she was doing and how we were almost done.

It worked! She sat still and I was able to finish! Her Mom and Grandmother were behind me while I painted her, snapping these photos. They were so grateful and after the little girl ran off excited to show her face off to everyone, her Grandmother stayed behind, thanked me profusely for being so good with her, and handed me a $20 tip. I tried to let her know that I was fully compensated for the face painting from the Elks Lodge but she insisted I take it in gratitude for my effort and success in working with her Granddaughter. It’s moments like that that make my heart grow 10 sizes bigger just like the Grinch. 😉 Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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5-Star Face Painting Review from Mom in South San Francisco

Last Saturday Cynnamon was busy face painting and entertaining the children at a park in South San Francisco followed by a birthday party in San Pablo and she received this amazing 5-star review from one of the Mom’s:

” We had Cynnamon at my sons 1st birthday party in South San Francisco and everyone loved her work! Her face painting is great and fast! She is the sweetest with the kids and adults. I was very pleased and happy! Would contract her for my future parties!”  

Cynnamon is our lead face painter based in Potrero HIll in San Francisco and services all of the Bay area including Marin and Alameda counties! Bay Area Party Entertainment is a children and corporate event entertainment company offering face painters, balloon twisters, balloon artists, characters, caricature artists and photo booth rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit our website or call today to schedule entertainment for your party or event! www.BayAreaPartyEntertainment.com 415-548-1178

Free Face Painting at Westlake Shopping Center Sat Dec 6th in Daly City!

westlake shopping center On Saturday December 6th, 2014 from 1pm-4pm, the Westlake Shopping Center in Daly City is hosting an Open House Free for the whole family! They are going to set up canopies and have all kinds of free activities and entertainment including face painting by the one and only talented, Cynnamon Simonson, free Balloon Twisting, free hot cocoa, live music, snow for the kids to play in, pictures with Santa and there will even be a spin-it-to-win-it prize wheel that you can spin to win gift cards and coupons for the stores at Westlake! You never know, you  might win a gift card for your favorite shop! So come on down between 1pm and 4pm this upcoming Saturday with your children and any other children you can bring and enjoy the free event!

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Holiday and Christmas Party entertainment including face painting, balloon art and photo booth rentals

This time of the year is very popular for families and companies to throw holiday parties and events in the San Francisco Bay Area! Whether you are planning a Christmas party, Holiday Party or end of the year party, Bay Area Party Entertainment gets many calls around this time for face painters, balloon artists and photo booth rentals for both children and adults. Company and corporate holiday parties normally have a much larger volume of guests that range from children to adults which is why our entertainment company is a good option. We have face painters and balloon twisters based in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Novato and our photo booth rental is based in Potrero Hill. We can customize our face painting designs and our balloon art to the holiday theme and we can even bring our holiday and Christmas props for the photo booth!

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Face Painting at Birthday Party in San Francisco

Face Painitng at San Bruno Park near South San FranciscoThe most common kinds of parties I get hired for are birthday parties and most of the time, the biggest parties are to celebrate the First birthday! It’s typically the first time the whole family gets together to celebrate the baby’s arrival into the family and its always a PARTY! This 1st Birthday birthday party happened to be held on Father’s day at a beautiful park near San Francisco. It was one of the first parties I have face painted at that didn’t have any boys, only girls! So lucky for me, I got to face paint tons of pretty designs that included lots of glitter, painted on eyelashes and lipstick. The little girls all felt gorgeous and came back to have their lipstick touched up numerous times, which I always make time to do! Afterall, face painting makes little girls feel beautiful and what a blessing it is to be able to create that confidence and joy!

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Face Painting at the San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo playground

The new Elinor-Friend Playground that was built at the San Francisco Zoo

I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to face paint at the San Francisco Zoo during the springtime for a private event to celebrate the grand opening of the Zoo’s brand new playground! It was an amazing party! They had a live band playing music for the children, balloon twisters, games and prizes, free chocolate milk, arts and crafts and so much more! The children were having an absolute blast and the best part was that although they had all of the kids entertainment, most of the children were doing exactly what the event was for- playing on the new playground. I had never seen anything like the playground that they had built. It looks like it was built out of real-life trees and I’m sure that adds to the fun for the kids! When I was a child, I would much rather climb in a tree than on a plastic playground and I will say that it took everything I had not to stop painting and play too!

Cynnamon's Face Painting display board

Children choosing their face painting design from Cynnamon’s display board.

Most of the events that I face paint for are private parties that I get paid per hour to paint at, but this was an event where I charged per face. It was a beautiful sunny day and my line was full of excited children that couldn’t wait to be transformed into the design of their choice. I had my display board which allows the children to pick from their design by just pointing to their favorite picture on the board.

One of my favorite little girls to paint that day chose a design that has a red glittery heart on the forhead with a rainbow coming out from both sides. I always add pretty red-glittery-lips, which little girls love so much that they often come back to have me touch them up! When she looked into the mirror for the first time after I painted her, she was glowing with joy! It’s moments like those that fill me with so much love for what I do! She giggled and couldn’t wait for her parents to see it!

A little girl admiring her flower face paint design.

A little girl admiring her flower face paint design.

Animal face painting designs were popular at the Zoo.

Animal face painting designs were popular at the Zoo.

Boys love scary skeleton designs even at the Zoo.

Boys love scary skeleton designs even at the Zoo.

Face Painting at Jammin on Haight in San Francisco

face painting flames at Jammin on Haight2I was invited to face paint at Jammin on Haight, a tie-dye apparel store located on Haight street in San Francisco. They were having a special event for Youth Celebration day that was free and open for any passerby’s!

For only $20, anyone could pick out their size t-shirt and the professional tie-dye artists (from Jammin on Haight) would help teach and show them how to tie-dye it. Jammin on Haight provided free hot dogs, ice cream, candy, bubbles and the kids were able to chalk up the sidewalks and hang out as long as they wanted. I had a blast painting all of the adorable little kids and I even got to paint a few adult faces! I painted one particular family with 2 adults and 2 children that all wanted butterflies. The children stopped first and begged their parents to get painted and after leaving for ice cream, the parents came back and decided they wanted to get painted too! face painted family at Jammin on haigh

One of the little boys that wanted to be face painted, was so excited about the flame eyes that I have on my face painting display board. Even though his Mom was trying to get him to be a tiger, he had his heart set on flame eyes! It was so cute because he is normally a very hyper-active child and his Mom could not believe that he sat perfectly still for me to paint his face! She commented that she should take him to have his face painted more often! So as if that wasn’t fun enough, this little guy was so excited when he looked in the mirror and saw the flames painted above both eyes that he immediately started pretending that he now had the superpower to throw fire from his hands! The rest of the day, he continued to pretend he was throwing fire and it made a few other little boys get the same design so they could be flame boys too. It was one of those moments that remind me why I love face painting so much! It brings so much joy!

face painting for youth celebration dayI LOVE the Jammin on Haight Store which is located on Haight Street in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco. They sell mostly tie-dye clothing, apparel and accessories that are all one of a kind and hand made by talented artists right in San Francisco. If you are not near San Francisco, you can always shop on their online store! The store is at 1400 Haight St. on the corner of Haight  and Masonic and it’s an extremely colorful building so you can’t miss it! I love the tie-dye socks, yoga pants and underware but they also have mens t-shirts, children clothes including baby onsies and even pet clothing that are all tie-dyed! They are support the community in many ways and love giving back so check that out if you get the chance! There is always a great vibe in the store and some great photo opportunities! If you’d like to stay up to date with their new items, Like their Facebook page!

Halloween/Holiday Face painting in San Francisco

This was my first year in San Francisco for Halloween and I had a blast face painting a bunch of scary faces for friends that didn’t necessarily have a costume, but who needs a costume when you have your face painted!? I painted The Joker, a half skeleton face and a creepy face that made my friend look so different, he was hardly recognized at all of the parties he went to.

Half skeleton face paint by Cynnamon/Bay Area Party Entertainment The Joker face paint by Cynnamon/Bay Area Party Entertainment Scary Halloween face painting by Cynnamon/Bay Area party Entertainment

I also got to paint a few faces that were not scary. My friend Elz, who happens to be  a Dj, was going to wear a leopard onsey so she wanted me to paint some leopard spots on her face. She didn’t want to be completely painted as a leopard so I just framed her eyes with the animal print, used eyeliner to create cat eyes and then used gold glitter-bling to make it all pop.

Leopard print face paint by Cynnamon/Bay Area Party Entertainment Leopard print spots painted by Cynnamon/Bay Area Party Ent.

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Welcome to our Bay Area Face Painting Blog!

My name is Cynnamon Simonson and I am the professional face painter for Bay Area Party Entertainment based in Potrero Hill in cynnamon painting her silver animal print face maskSan Francisco. I am excited to utilize this blog to share some of the touching stories that come from face painting at all kinds of events like birthday parties, corporate events, nightclub events for adults and more! Afterall, my love and passion for face painting comes from the joy that face painting brings to parties and events! It doesn’t matter if I’m painting at an event for children or adults, it bring so much fun to the event and it really brings the “young at heart out” no matter what age you are!

I love being in San Francisco because I feel like adults know how to let loose and their inhibitions are low compared to my experiences in Southern California. So as I start in this new journey as a professional face painter in San Francisco, I invite you to join me by reading my stories and adventures as a face painter.

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